cross flow fan
  • Cross Flow Fan Cooling Fan Motor With 60mm Blower Fan

    Cross Flow Fan Cooling Fan Motor With 60mm Blower Fan

    1.This Cross-flow fan is made up of import material. It can make our product's life extend two times . material: Galvanized sheet 3.Impeller material: Aluminium alloy. 4. The shell is stamped and formed by precision molds, and the structure is stable; 5. Sliding bearings and rolling bearings can be used according to customer requirements; 6. The wind shell uses anti-fatigue and high-temperature silicone rubber parts; 7. The wind wheel is made of aluminum alloy material and has undergone strict dynamic and static balance tests. It runs smoothly, with large air volume, high wind pressure, low vibration and low noise; 8. The matched shaded pole motor can work normally for a long time under high temperature environment. 9. There is no turbulence in the air flow in the impeller, and the air is evenly discharged; 10. High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance;

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