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IQC Material area

Work flow of IQC:

1. The supplier shall send the materials, which shall be received by the warehouse keeper, checked the specifications and quantity of the materials, and then submitted to the IQC of the Quality assurance Department for acceptance.

2. The inspection shall be judged according to the single sampling standard, and the inspection results shall be recorded in written form on the Daily Report of Incoming Inspection.

3, judged qualified (acceptable), must be in the material packaging appropriate position on the label, and note the inspection time and signature, the warehouse and the supplier for warehousing procedures.

4, IQC judge unqualified (rejected) materials, must fill in the "unqualified notice" to the quality assurance supervisor review ruling.

5, the quality assurance supervisor approves the unqualified (rejected) materials, IQC will "unqualified notice" a copy through the purchase, notify the supplier to deal with the return and improvement matters, and paste the unqualified label and signature on the outer packaging of the materials.

6. In case of unqualified materials judged by quality assurance department, the supplier or purchasing department can apply to quality assurance Department for special examination or special purchase.


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