Container packing

Container packing

 Requirements for container loading:

① Before loading, be familiar with the variety, quantity and loading scheme of goods to be loaded in each container

(2) before loading, look at the location and quantity of goods, and contact the warehouse for the lack of goods to be ready, and supply them in time

(3) Division of labor: one person on the car, guide the loading (goods placement, light, can not step on, etc.), tell the forklift truck what the next goods is; One person on the ground, guide forklift loading ----- one person can guide!

④ Two recorders should check the goods: variety, quantity, check clearly in pairs before loading

⑤ Clear writing, clear record data -- easy to operate statistics (variety, quantity)

⑥ from the loading to the end of the cabinet, it is best to follow a car, do not change at will, but not at any time to suspend the recording work -- good to begin and good to end!

⑦ take photos: it is best to finish the cabinet when continuous shooting (so that the time to extract photos), must be clear ---- license plate, container number, car key number, over the cabinet (open, half open, close)

⑧ The variety of container, the number of clear calculation, to see whether the variety is complete, the number is enough

⑨ Record the container no., license plate no. (preferably two in front and two in front), key no., loading time, leaving time, driver's phone number

⑩ Take the taxi fare from the driver and check the fare against the information you have recorded.


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